Thursday, May 26, 2011

rained...nope...BLOWN out

Yesterday, morning three of this run/walk thing was really good.  I had to leave early for work, so I couldn't write about it.  My response to the stopped-clock phenomenon from the day before was:  I watch the clock a bit as I walk...enough to know when it's time to run.  When I run, I just count off 60 seconds and don't look at my phone at all.  It's not as precise, but it seems to let me run more freely and in a less burdened, get-this-over way. 

I went to bed last night amidst a rain storm, deciding ahead of time that rain was not going to keep me inside.  I can get a little wet...I won't die from that.  Got up this morning still hearing rain noise; got ready and out the door.  Raining steadily.  No problem.

On the other hand...Chicago wind.  OY.  Frozen, blustery, gusting, slamming into me in a way that felt like it might knock me down, blowing through my clothes, hammering the rain into me fast and hard, did I mention FROZEN?  I made it almost to the corner before I turned around and hustled home.  

I could have done stairs for 20 minutes when I got home, I suppose. I thought about it.  But stairs, even with walking the halls in between flights, gets really, really intense for me really quickly.  Just wasn't feeling the gumption to do them for 20 minutes, in my soaked clothes no less.  I did my six flights to get to my room, and retreated to the warm bed (sweating and out of breath).  

Not much of a victory story, I guess.  Except that I DID get up and get out and try, and even got my blood pumping a bit.  

And tomorrow is another day.

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