Tuesday, May 24, 2011

when time doesn't exactly stand still

Morning 2:  wasn't tempted to hit snooze.  Up and out, and the morning was once again beautiful.  

Somewhere around the halfway mark, my phone decided to freeze and not change time.  I was walking, waiting for it to flip so I could run for my one minute increment, and it didn't change....didn't change...didn't change...until I just KNEW it couldn't really STILL be that time.  Difficulty:  my brain was still not fully awake.  Problem solving in semi-sleep mode...hmmmm. 

So what I did was stop looking at the phone and start counting in my head.  Amidst the confusion of figuring it out, I stayed out 10 extra minutes.  I'm not objecting to 10 extra minutes of exercise...heaven knows I need it.  I'm just not willing to cut that chunk out of my quiet time.  So I was in kind of a hurry.  

A good result that came from all of this:  at one point I just stopped trying to count and tried running as far as I could without stopping.  It wasn't very far.  I don't even know if it was as long as my counted one minute increments.  But the difference was, when not looking at the phone, I loosened up.  I felt my back moving more freely.  My stride got longer.  I was closer to having fun and not so much waiting on pins and needles for the clock to let me break back down to a walk.

Will pray today about what to do with that information.  Maybe I need to stop timing so carefully and just alternate walking and running?  I'm just not sure I trust myself not to get lazy...hmmmm.

Meanwhile, the extra time made me enough more tired/weaker feeling that I had to walk the halls between EVERY SINGLE FLOOR when doing the stairs up to the 6th floor.

Doesn't matter.  I didn't ride the elevator.  So I'm counting that as a victory.

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