Friday, June 7, 2013

recovering faster

Didn't fall this morning.  :-)

Tried a different route, going down 17th street hill and through downtown so that I could run back up the 20th street hill. In my wanderings to try and make sure I got a full 5 miles in, I accidentally got 5.8 miles in.  WOO HOO!!! Bring on the Bix!

My body is recovering more quickly from my runs these days than it used to.  When I first bumped up to 5 mile runs, I was just flat out TIRED for the rest of the day, not to mention severe foot and leg pain for the rest of the day.  Part of the solution is I'm more consistent about taking some Ibuprofen or Aleve after the run.  That helps with the pain part.  But the TIRED part - my body is managing that.  I am less and less tired after each run.  

We really are fearfully and wonderfully made.   

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