Wednesday, June 5, 2013

if you don't like braggin'...skip this one

It was another adventure run this morning.  Having conquered one of the 38th street hills, I decided to run the opposite direction and take a whack at another 38th street hill...the one at Augustana College.  It's still not as big as Brady, but it's nicely close in quality and size.  

Things that made it an adventure:

Coming down 30th street hill, the stoplight halfway down turned yellow right as I stepped into the intersection.  Not wanting to have to stop for the cars there waiting for their green, I gave myself a giant mental PUSH and HOLY COW I was surprised at how fast I scooted through that intersection.  Felt like I knocked 20 years off of me in those steps.  I find it interesting - fascinating, actually, that going faster is about a mental push, not a focus on straining muscles.  That is not what I always thought.  

At the bottom of the hill, down across from the railroad tracks, I fell.  Third fall ever while running. the other was on a sidewalk.  DARN SIDEWALKS!  Most of the impact was on my right knee and hip and the heels of my hands...I felt myself going down this time.  It was a slower fall.  

You know those annoying people who gotta show you their owies, like no one else ever got hurt before?  Yeah.  I'm one of those.

The good news was I was able to get right back up and start walking quickly enough that I can't find the stop on my run readout.  And I was back to running within a few seconds. 

That just made me mad, basically, and determined that the Augie hill would not defeat me.  Turning right, up, up, up I went.  Did I slow down?  YES.  Did I stop or even walk?  NO.  I think you know what that moment is called, even without me naming its obnoxious name.  :-)

When I got near the top of the hill, it started a nice, light rain.  That was a relief - it was 61 degrees out and I needed the cooling down by then.  Not miserable rain.  Just enough to make me almost laugh at the trifecta of badass factor points I earned today:  fall, hill, rain.  WIN!  And to top it all off, only one of my miles (the first) was over 17 minutes, and also one of them was under 16. 

I can't believe I ever thought running wasn't fun.  

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