Wednesday, January 30, 2013

yoga for the real girl, and new shoes on the horizon

Diamond Dallas Page and I got together again this morning for a workout.  This time, it was the "fat burner" segment for people 50 or more pounds overweight.  I think it was 30 minutes long.  

It was a nice workout.  The runner in me protests that it's not enough breathing hard and not enough sweat, but we're doing isometrics here, so it's a whole other thing.  If it's still all winter-rainy tomorrow morning, I might do the stairs in my building, as I'm just flat missing the sweating and breathing and pushing myself up to the edge of my limits.  But the YRG DID take me to my limits several times, as I held positions with my muscles shaking and begging to be let go.  

If only I could get the guy to stop being funny and professional wrestler-ish....that's a lot to take at 5:30 in the morning... 

In other news, new running shoes should be on the horizon soon.  If you've been around awhile, you know that I reported needing new ones almost a year ago.  Since I haven't had the funds to get a good pair, I just stepped back from 5 mornings a week to 3, and practiced the icing the doctor talked to me about, and that has babied me through.  But back at the end of November, a friend helped me get my finances really in order.  I have been putting money in an envelope marked "clothing" each paycheck since then, and I've only taken money OUT of that envelope for dress tights for work when mine just couldn't be worn one more time.  I noticed last Friday as I was putting the allotted cash in the envelopes that I have something like $80 in the "clothing" envelope.  Which should be enough for good running shoes, if I shop carefully.  

Now, to find the time to actually get to the running shoe store...that's a whole other deal. 

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