Wednesday, January 2, 2013

back to everyday life

End of run around 6 AM...I can't think yet... 
It was 7 degrees out this morning at running time.  Woo hoo!  Time for running tights under heavy pants.  Three layers of shirts.  Mittens.  Headband.  FACE WARMER.  The face warmer is the indication of true winter running.  Oh, how I love to hate the face warmer.  Let's face it...if you met me on the street this morning, you couldn't even identify me as a man or woman...

Anyway, ugly or not, it was a wonderful thing to be back out on the pavement.  I've very much enjoyed the holidays, but they have wreaked havoc on my running and on maintaining anything like reasonable eating.  I am ready to get back to doing the same thing at the same time each day.  Though I genuinely love extreme randomness and spontaneity and change, the truth is I thrive on a pretty regimented routine and schedule.  

WHERE to run is an issue just now.  I can't do my beloved Centennial bridge, because it turns out no one bothers to clear the walking part of it.  Why bother?  It's only exercisers and poor folks, and who really cares about either of those demographics?  I am surprised that even the downtown area where I live does not have consistently cleared sidewalks - does no one here think about liability?  (My sarcasm meter is warning me to stop now, for the love of God...)

So for now, I am running up Main Street hill, because it is a nice, wide, very clear street and I can just skip the sidewalk.  The down side is that my first almost-mile is all very much UPhill, and as I've mentioned before, my first half mile is invariably my roughest part of the run - I'm just a very slow starter.  So it's a chugga chugga kind of beginning, but this morning, IT WORKED and I intend to stick with this plan for as long as necessary.

Here's to "back to life as usual."  Happy New Year, all!  I pray that this year astonishes you with its blessings.

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  1. YAH for you to be back at it!! Great to see you Wednesday evening, although the occasion was sad. I wanted to ask you, did you go to books or websites for help/info on eating the healthier way you do? I am going to give this healthy eating a real shot and I am "starving" for good information.