Saturday, January 26, 2013

hot water is awesome, and peace among stasis rocks too

Ten days since I've blogged here.  Been busy daily over at the clumsy blog - that's part of the story.  The other part is that I am on a "lull" as far as this business of my body.  Keeping my promise to write every day this year has turned out to be a very expensive thing time-wise.  It often means staying up really late at night - late enough that the next morning I choose a bit more sleep instead of the run.  That, along with the fact that I lived for a little over 2 months on mostly beans and rice (a technique to get me what I wanted while still sticking to my budget - yes, I stole "fun" money out of my grocery budget and I'm not sorry!) has meant that I'm at a standstill, weight/size wise - or, more accurately, there's a little more belly than there used to be.   

All of that is okay, for now, as I'm still fully in contact with the objective, which is not *weight* or even *fitness* but LOVING MY BODY.  I find that even while making zero progress on physical change, I am at peace with my body, no longer prone to angst or contempt or frustration or impatience about it.  I saw a picture of myself hugging someone recently and saw for sure that I still have a long way to go, if the end result of loving my body is to not be overweight.  Pictures will remind us of that, eh?  But I wasn't embarrassed at it and didn't lose any hope in this change I am undergoing.  AWESOME.  I'll move back from stasis to momentum soon enough.

In other news:  HOT WATER.  Have I talked about that here?  I can't remember.  

My brother's girlfriend drinks hot water everywhere she goes.  When I first learned this, it seemed strange to me.  I am learning (slowly) that when something seems strange to me, I might as well get ready...because sooner or later I'm probably going to be trying it.  This one took me a long time, but maybe a year ago or so (not sure of the timing) I started drinking it a little bit.  When I was sick for a long time, I drank it A LOT - it helped me with the directive to stay hydrated, when I simply wasn't "feeling" cold water. 

By now, hot water is an all-the-time thing for me.  I have a big mug of it with my breakfast.  I sip many cups of it at my desk while I work.  Most nights I enjoy one last big mug of it right before I sleep.  I'm probably more consistently hydrated now than I have been in a long time.

Here's the beauty of hot water:  it is a "comfort" thing.  Often, when we are craving food, what we are really craving is comfort.  We are not hungry at all.  Cold water will fill your belly up, if you want to be all disciplined and just make yourself drink it to avoid overeating.  But hot water...ahhh, hot water.  It will also fill your belly, but won't feel like taking medicine or being on a diet or disciplined or whatever.  It's HOT.  The mug is so nice in my hands, all warm and wonderful.  Drinking something hot always feels soothing to me.  

Turns out I don't need to flavor it with tea (not that I don't still enjoy tea...I do!) or any other sort of flavoring.  Turns out the flavor is not the main comfort, at least for me.  The warmth is.  

I'm a fan!  If you haven't given it a try, I recommend it. 

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