Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ordinary happy progress notes

I am pleased to say that the mason-jar salads were a HUGE success on my vacation.  They lasted the entire week - actually, I ate the last 2 salads after I got back home, TEN DAYS after I had made them, and they were still yummylicious.  I gotta point out, that's pretty cool when you figure I was storing them in an igloo cooler outdoors in 100+ degree weather.  While I iced daily and even sometimes 2 times per day, those salads did spend some time just sitting basically in chilly water.  I highly recommend mason-jar salads!

I mentioned 100+ degree weather.  While I was away at my music festival, it stayed up around 100 all week, and we did have 4 consecutive days over the hundred degree mark.  I sweated soooo much and I'm pretty sure I lost some pounds just from that.  Choosing to love my body for the week included drinking lots of water, eating those beautiful salads, slathering sunblock like it was going out of style, staying in the shade whenever possible, and taking naps to combat the heat and the short nights caused by awesome music.  

I am back to running.  Just doing it 3 days per week right now, so as not to tempt my arthritis to flare up in my foot.  It's hard to describe how GREAT it feels to be back at it - even after that exhausting week away camping in the heat, Monday morning I was awake at 4:30, well ahead of the alarm, chomping at the bit to be out there.  Same thing again this morning, only it was 3:30.  Running is not something I'm doing from obligation or even as an attempt to be smaller/look better.  I just simply love that way of loving my body.  Only God could make a change that big in me. 

The Bix (the 7-mile race I'm doing) approaches.  According to the website, I'll be racing in 18 days and 10 hours.  Great stuff.  

My body is changing.  I know not just because I see it in the mirror (and sometimes laugh and say, "Are you digging this, Lord...seriously?!!), but because every single day I hear it from many people around me.  

I like that.  I mean, I like the hearing.  But even more, I LOVE the place of loving my body.  As it is.  TODAY.  Not some day when it reaches some magical size.  Today, while I am still in full possession of thunder thighs and a muffin top and arms that swing and wobble in the breeze.  

Just.  Like.  This.  

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