Wednesday, July 18, 2012

night run

I ran last night.  I NEVER run at night, but the Bix approaches and my friend with whom I am running it wanted to see how we fit for pacing together.  

Truth:  I was DREADING it after that hot run the other morning.  My inner bawling brat baby self was all, "What have I gotten myself into?!!!"  But the good thing is, regardless of what the resistance is speaking to me, I CAN just get up and do the next right thing.  Which in this case was that run.

It was a nice time.  I mean, IT WAS HOT and we went something like 3.5 miles and there was no shortage of sweat.  And my knee got kinda funky about halfway through, probably because we were on sidewalks some of the time and they are such uneven surfaces around here.  Still, it was fun to be out with my friend, and it didn't tax me as hard as Monday morning's run did (probably because we mixed in some walking), and I DID IT.  Despite the dread and the unwillingness in me that wanted to set its heels and not budge.  Felt very good to have done it, after being so tempted not to.

I need to find me some very cheap running capris before the race.  I definitely noticed last night that my long black pants are HOT in the sunlight.  I generally *don't do* shorts, as part of my longstanding grudge against my legs, but I might do capris.  I might even have a pair in my hand-me-downs, come to think of it, and they might not even be too tight now.  Guess I need to figure that out. 

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  1. Karen, If you are still in need, I have some I cannot wear. I could drop them off at your work on Wednesday (July 25th) if you need some. I want you to be comfortable on the BIX run. I think they are something like an XL size, but the material is stretchy. just let me know.