Monday, April 9, 2012

precooking, yearning for juice, and not hitting the hundred

I'm dragging a little this morning, as I let the weekend get away from me and suddenly last night there was laundry to do and all of my weekly pre-cooking as well.  So I'm slightly sleep-deprived this morning, but well-armed for the week.

Pre-cooking - yes, I do it pretty much every week.  It's an important part of keeping food manageable throughout the week.  Items I do pretty much every weekend include:
  • a batch of good oatmeal (either old-fashioned or steel-cut oats) and I go ahead and stir in the brown sugar as I make the batch (and this week I've started adding coconut oil, as well, as I've been reading how crazy awesome it is for mental function) - then all I have to do on weekday mornings is dump a huge tablespoonful into the bowl with some dried fruit, nuts, and almond milk and microwave for down-home goodness in minutes
  • 6-12 hard boiled eggs (from a local farm) - those suckers are awesome little weapons against the mid-morning hungries at work
  • a batch of brown rice, just to have on hand to quickly stir up with sauteed veggies and/or beans for yummy supper in less than 10 minutes
I used to have "kombucha production" on that list as well, but my poor kombucha mother has been stuck in the fridge since I moved.  I need to get it out and get going again on it...I was just a little tired of drinking that so I took a break (MY homemade kombucha is just not even CLOSE to as good as the $4 per 16 ounce bottle stuff from the store).  

I don't pre-wash or pre-chop my veggies for the week, though I have seen at least one website that recommends doing so.  The reason I don't is that I was taught many years ago that pre-washing and pre-chopping way out far ahead in advance can compromise nutritional value - better to buy frozen, I believe I heard, and I'm all about getting maximum bang for my buck.  And anyway I find the repetitive routines of washing and chopping nightly kind of soothing and enjoyable.  

I haven't juiced much in a couple of weeks as the budget was distressingly tight for a bit.  I THINK I should maybe be able to get back to it now, but I'm taking my time and making double-sure I'm not making some financial omission that will come back to bite me in the butt for having been forgotten.  I miss the juice.  It's so good, and my body appreciates it so deeply.

Didn't make my 100 miles this weekend on the bike.  Instead I enjoyed a very full day yesterday with family, and only 4 miles of bike time.  That's okay.  This is the glory of just loving my body and not racing the clock to get to some magical size or weight by some deadline - there is no guilt in just taking a day to love my life differently.  

Happy Monday, all.  May the day bring you unexpected smiles!

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