Monday, April 2, 2012

living more gently with me

I didn't quite make the 75 mile goal on my bike this weekend.  Yesterday, even with compression gloves, my carpal tunnel was out of control within the first mile of riding.  And my butt was still sore from the day before.  This was not the scream-inducing bike seat pain of old, but just soreness where my thighs and butt meet.  Still, it meant I spent even more time than usual standing on the pedals and adjusting myself to deal with the discomfort.  

So at mile 23, I was done.  They were fun miles!  I headed up the river on the Iowa side, riding as far into Bettendorf along the river front as I could find to go - all new territory to me.  It's a wonderful thing, having many bikes out there.  It meant in spots where I lost the trail, I could stand still a minute and watch for other bikes, and pick it back up again.  

A benefit of having let the Lord teach me to love my body all these past 16 months - it wasn't defeating or crushing to quit at 23.  I talk much more nicely to myself these days, encouraging instead of condemning, and it comes from the heart, not just from doing what *I think* I should do.  So there was abundant grace when I stopped at 23 miles.  

Later I put on my running shoes and went for a walk.  I live on a hill...walking the rest of the way to the top is 1 mile.  I've been meaning to tackle that hill since I moved in.  Yesterday, I did (which means I kind of technically DID complete 75 miles, if it matters...not sure it does.)  My Rock Island hills have prepared me well for this 1-mile wonder - it's long, but it can't compare to the steep of 21st Avenue or 17th Street.  It couldn't even make me short of breath.  Take that, mile-long-hill!  HA!

I won't be biking to work for the next 3 days, as there is stuff happening at my church on my lunch hour that I want to attend.  Kinda bummed about the not biking thing.  That stuff is addictive!

Happy Monday, all.

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