Thursday, April 12, 2012

looking down...yippeee!!! and some contextual pictures

Just a few happy thoughts to share before I rush from one thing to the next...

1.  This morning, I joked about maybe "looking down" while crossing the bridge that so terrified me before this week.  Then I thought about Peter (as in, New Testament Peter) and how he looked down at the waves and immediately stopped walking on water and started drowning.  So I thought...maybe not!  But then this morning as I was biking across it, I really felt the Lord saying clearly to me, "Go ahead...exercise the freedom I gave you," and so...I looked down!  And I'm still not afraid!  And on the way home tonight crossing it, I looked down A LOT.  Admired the rushing water to the one side.  Looked under the bridge on the other.  Looked, and looked, and looked some more, the whole time I rolled across the bridge.  And didn't get even the tiniest bit afraid.  FREEDOMMMMMM!!!!

2.  I think it's time for just one pictoral celebration.  While I still have A LOT of weight to lose before I'm anything close to what is medically advised, here is a shot of me in July 2009, as I was leaving for my trip to Switzerland...and a shot of me today after work (my jeans are on their 4th wear since the dryer, so they are NOT sucking anything in or "shaping" me in any way, just for the record.)   (I can't figure out how to make blogger put them beside each other, darn it...)


**This message brought to you by intentionally grateful living.**


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