Sunday, January 30, 2011

workin' it

I have continued working out with the class, when it fits my schedule.  I am pretty much astonished at the progress that occurs with even a little faithfulness.  For instance:  we do push-ups every time...usually at least 2 sets of them (I'm only doing 45 minutes of the hour class at this point; I'm pretty sure they do a 3rd set after I leave).  On the first night, I couldn't really do any.  I struggled and trembled and sorta kinda almost did 2 or 3...but not really.  

What's it been?  A week or so?  I can do 15 on the first round, at 10 or better on the second round, though I shake so hard I kind of just fall down when I'm done.  

We do another torturous thing called "the plank."  Elbows on the floor, holding the remainder of the body in a (boys') push-up position, abs and all the other fun muscles tight.  I couldn't do THAT one at all either on the first night.  I still can't really "do" it but I'm getting stronger.  I assume the position and last maybe 5 seconds and then fall down.  But then...I get back up again.  So I'm kind of a ridiculous comedy side-show while all the other ladies are groaning in pain and begging for mercy but can at least hold the position.

That's okay.  I still remember learning to do what I think was called the roman chair when I worked with a trainer several years ago.  When I started, I couldn't even hang there, not even for a few seconds.  Over time, I could hang for long periods of time and even lift my legs.  If I got that, I can get this.  

There are actually a bunch of things we do in class that I can't "really" do.  But I have made real progress on all of them, as I try and just settle for doing badly (though as well as I am able) with all my might.  And I'm confident progress will continue.

One of the plans I talked through with my son before I came here involved the bike/running path.  I have never since high school attempted to do any kind of running at all.  Even when I was small enough to not shop the plus-size racks...even when I was fit enough to jump bareback onto my horse from the ground...even then, I sucked at running.  Add to that the fact that post-children, all the wiggle and jiggle is just downright appalling...and I just haven't even TRIED.  

But I noticed before moving here, when I checked out that bike/running path, there are ALL MANNER of people running there.  I mean, some are slim and svelte and look mahvelous sweating it out.  But others are less well-proportioned, much more awkward, have terrible form, and even wiggle and jiggle every bit as much as me.  Still, they are running. 

I wouldn't dream of doing that where everybody knows me.  Too damned mortifying.  I have sorta kinda jogged in place the last 2 times in class (amazed the whole time that I could do it) and I'm beginning to suspect I might be able to do this.  Which is what my son said.  He told me to, walk 3 minutes, jog 1, etc and he had a specific alternation pattern in mind, though I suspect at my low fitness level, ANY moving and pushing myself will dramatically improve where I am now.  

So today, when I was kind of jogging in place for the first full 10 minutes of our time, I was looking hard out the window, imagining that when spring comes, this butt is getting on that path.

I think it's possible.  

I am amazed to think so.


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