Thursday, February 4, 2010

ungathered thoughts

Still not managing to track my food...I started to type the whole big explanation but it doesn't matter.  Not managing it.  I'm doing great on breakfast because I do the same thing daily.  Lunch I'm doing fine because I eat in the Bistro most days at work...amazing meals.  Like, today was talapia with wild rice and lightly steamed was delicious, properly portioned...just perfect.  Supper, I'm having variable results. I get home late, wiped out, and then there's not much in the house.  So sometimes I make good choices and sometimes not so much.  No time for snacking these days...good on one hand (less calories), bad on the other (a good diet is 5 or so "small meals" a day and I'm not doing it that way.)  

I'm so tired right now I can't remember if I blogged about this yet:  a few days ago, I shoveled snow instead of going to the Y to work out.  It was exercise, but not to the usual extent.  I felt less energetic all day.  No lie!  The stairs at work kicked my butt...and they haven't been bothering me at all most days!  Strong testimony for the power of a good cardio workout.  

Unfortunately there may be 4 inches of snow when I wake up in the morning.  If so, I'll have another date with a snow shovel.

Oh well. 

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