Sunday, February 7, 2010

confidence and not foolishness?

Yesterday my mom treated at the new BBQ place here in town.  I had a smoked pork chop sandwich and the kind of fries that are potato wedges.  Not an optimal choice, I reckon.  But it sure was good.

Last night, I made up a bunch of "pudding cups" for the fridge, cuz at night I'm tending to crave sweet after dinner.  Sugar free and whatnot.  Maybe it'll do the trick.

I must be feeling very optimistic about losing weight; yesterday I checked out the new resale shop here in town and bought a lot of stuff, most of which is a bit too small for me.  My thought:  it is great stuff and it was dirt cheap...and I WILL be getting to that size.  I'm choosing to see that as confidence and not foolishness. 

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