Friday, February 22, 2013

snow-induced change-up

I knew last night going to bed that snow was supposedly coming, so running would not likely be a good option.  This is because I use the same mesh shoes whether it is summer or stepping into anything wet when it is cold outside is just not a good idea.  So I fell asleep last night making a plan for what else I would do, in place of running.  I didn't want to do just yesterday's workout - it was great but is very small compared to the 40 minutes of running that are my usual MWF routine, you know?

My guy does the stairs, where he lives.  I know for sure stairs are a good workout.  With huge reluctance, I made the decision.  Stairs it would be.  

Oh golly.

I live on the 3rd floor.  So I went...

*up to 6th, from 3rd
*down to 1st
*up to 6th
*down to 3rd
*walked the hall (just needed to breathe)
*up to 6th, from 3rd
*down to 3rd
*walked the hall
*down to 1st, from 3rd
*up to 3rd
*walked the hall
*up to 4th, from 3rd
*down to 2nd
*up to 3rd

And then I was dying.  The problem wasn't the breathing hard.  I CAN DO breathing hard.  The problem was the shaking muscles in my legs and the general feeling of weakness.

So, it felt like I had done A LOT.  I came back to my apartment, thinking I probably did  pretty good chunk of time.  

It had only been something like 10 minutes.

OH HOLY COW.  I got OWNED by those stairs.

So I came back in my apartment and did pushups with the ball (3 rounds of 10) and crunches with the ball (2 rounds of 10) and some other different kinds of crunches (3 rounds of 10) and those horrible things where you sit on an edge and then slide off, holding yourself up with your arms (uggggg 3 times of 15 seconds), and planks (3 rounds of 10 seconds) and side leg lift thingies (2 rounds on each side of 10 each).  

And all of that took only something like 10 minutes too.

Geeze Louise.  See, this is why I prefer running or biking.  Really. Maybe it wasn't too bad a workout, I am an hour later, and the muscles in my legs are STILL shaking.  And the soreness that is...well...EVERYWHERE is a good report that things are changing.

But anyway, today is a success, though it's only 7:04, because even though I did it awkwardly, I did not let the snow keep me from working out. 

Who knows, one of these days maybe I'll be fit enough to do burpees.  (The very thought makes me nauseous.) 

Bring it.  


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