Wednesday, February 20, 2013

b,b,b,b,b, bad..bad to the bone...

Special motivational tools:  one of my favorites, in the winter, is just using the silly, vain, childish part of me that absolutely loves being a badass.

It was 7 degrees out this morning for my run.  That's layers and layers of clothes and even a hat on, over my headband.  When I stepped out the door, I instantly felt cold pressing, squeezing in, searching for any tiny crack in my wall of warm clothes...any place of access.  The air I sucked in through my face warmer was still painfully cold.  

Happily for me, I am a major heat producer when I move at all.  By the half-mile mark, my body was pushing so much heat OUT that cold couldn't even begin to approach me.  So much that I had to whip my hat off, to bring the temperature under my face warmer down to something like reasonable.  

It was not an easy run.  I missed Friday's and Monday's runs, due to company being here and me just busy enjoying them.  That means it's been A WEEK since I ran.  My body told me about that, from start to finish.  I came home drowned in sweat, out of breath, and my legs feeling like lead.

Know what?  I finished.  

Which makes me a badass.  LOL

If you don't agree, that's okay with me.  I wasn't asking.  LOL 

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