Thursday, December 13, 2012

sore feet, miracle healing, and no backup plan

I'm awfully glad I got to run Monday, because the rest of the week isn't cooperating for that.  At work we give our residents a Christmas candlelight dinner, which is spread over 3 nights and staffed by us salaried people.  I serve (wait tables) in the same shoes I wear for my office work - dress shoes.  Yes, they are flats.  But there is not one bit of support in them (who needs support, to sit in a chair?)  By the end of each night I am limping and I can feel the arthritic swelling in the tops of my feet in a major way.  So each morning I just let them rest.  Hopefully next week I can get back to the run.

Meanwhile, don't tell anyone, but I haven't followed through on my promise to myself to make a plan for non-running days.  I've had a number of great suggestions and one of my cousins is even burning me a DVD of some kind of hybrid yoga thing, and a friend has a series of the "T-tap" stuff that she would happily share with me.  I've thought up plans that don't involve videos (cuz videos involve both light and sound, both of which p*ss me off in the mornings), but I haven't put them to paper.  And anything that is just an idea in my head and not put down on probably NEVER happening because Karen Can't Think that early in the morning, to remember what the plan was.  Duh.  

But anyway.  Back to this business of sore feet.  I am not alone in this, though the reason some of my coworkers are in pain isn't arthritis, like me, but crazy high heels.  I was reflecting this morning, how we take the miracle of our self-healing bodies for granted.  WE CHOOSE to inflict pain on our feet, making the assumption that with a little rest they will soon enough be back to normal.  

What if they didn't go back to normal?

What if we had to treat them in a way that wouldn't leave them in pain, in case they decided never to be the same again?

This morning I am taking the opportunity to be extra aware of the miraculous nature of many things my body does, with God's help and certainly not mine.  

Seems like a good reason to be thankful, eh?

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