Wednesday, December 5, 2012

next step: backup plan

No run again this morning.  I negotiated hard with my foot, but...nothing doing.  Truth:  it was all I could do not to just sit down and cry.

I want to run.  

I realized at that hour of the morning, I am not able to do the hard work of "forming a new plan."  So today's objective will be, while I'm awake and actually capable of thought, to make a backup plan.  Something I can just "do instead" without having to think of what it will be.  

A year ago, I was having to trick myself into faithful running by making my bed as I got out of it, dressing fast, and getting out on the street before I could think of a reason to stay in bed.  Tricking myself into faithfulness isn't the need any more, at least when it comes to exercise.  

I just need a backup plan. 

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