Tuesday, July 22, 2014

still looking for solutions

The struggle continues.  I am still not weighing, but I am still clearly gaining - clothes and the mirror confirm that much. 

I am cautiously hopeful that I might be nearing the end of my inability to walk.  My daughter sent me an essential oil called "Pan Away" that I rub on the bottoms of my feet in the mornings after my shower; it does seem like the pain in my feet is reducing in the two days I've tried it thus far.  A friend also recommended "GoWalk" shoes and I've got a pair coming in the mail tomorrow.  She assures me they are beyond wonderful, and I'm willing to believe that they might help. 

Meanwhile, I continue to take my supplements and eat gluten-free to the fullest possible extent, hoping that some of that will help.  They don't seem to help.  While I don't mind continuing to take the supplements (which may be helping with other things, after all), I won't last much longer on the gluten-free plan.  I need RESULTS to motivate me for the inconvenience of dodging gluten. 

I have to admit, I have not tried every solution.  After my last blog, several of  you recommended low-impact kinds of exercise like water exercise and yoga.  Both of those would require a financial commitment from me, and my bikes are sitting in my garage, available to be used for free and always a source of joy - yet, I must note that I haven't made getting them out and using them a priority! 

On a final note, I am finally ready to at least start looking for a family doctor, in case the latest solutions don't pan out.  I just can't keep on gaining wait.  I just can't keep on not being able to exercise.  I hate being out of breath when I exert myself.  I detest feeling so awkward and unlovely and self-conscious.  And a lot of the pain issues I deal with are at least exacerbated, if not partially caused, by obesity.  My arthritis in my feet probably wouldn't be as bad, if so many pounds weren't pressing down on them.  Obesity definitely contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome.  The fatigue I feel more often than not these days is surely related to my weight and lack of exercise (I'm taking iron and 20,000 units/day of vitamin D3, so I doubt it's a nutritional deficiency.) 

I have put the plea out on Facebook, and I'll put it out here as well, to any of you who are from the Quad City area:  do you know a family doctor with a holistic approach, who doesn't just write prescriptions?  We are definitely shopping for one. 

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