Wednesday, June 27, 2012

amidst the running break

I guess it's been awhile since I posted here.  Been a crazy busy time (which is of course neither new nor unique with me, but I always come back to that) and my mind has been many places.  

Also, I am still on this darn break from running.  My foot finally stopped hurting something like a week or so ago.  I just haven't had the funds to get new running shoes, and I WILL NOT be subjecting my feet to another round of that level of pain.  I'll wait for the shoes, thank you.

Here's what I find to be cool, meanwhile:  my body really still WANTS to run.  I don't have to be awake at 4:45, if I'm not running.  But I am.  EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING my body comes to attention and waits for the run.  I am longing to get back to it.  I am not falling into a state of, "I don't run anymore" - which is what I might have expected, if I were only repeating old lifelong weight loss/exercise patterns.  That's pretty cool.

Meanwhile, my hope is that this break is helping my body recalibrate.  I know that anytime we do ANYTHING consistently, our bodies begin to count that as "the new normal," which is why any trainer will always make you keep stepping up the workout, notch by notch, if the goal is weight loss.  If the workout stays the same, the body eventually stops losing weight at that activity level.  SO!  Hopefully my body is making note that I haven't run my usual 12.5 miles/week for...what is it now...4 weeks?  5?  I'm not sure.  And hopefully when I get my shoes, and get back out there, my body will respond like it's a new thing instead of just life as usual.

Hopefully.  That'd be a nice turn of events!

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