Tuesday, March 20, 2012

back online, biking frenzy, and shrinking pains

I'm back online!  WOO HOO!  Getting internet on and up here at the new apartment was a 19 day ordeal, the details of which I won't bore you.  Just let me say I coulda kissed the technician yesterday when he got me back online (but I didn't....okay?!...calm down...) 

Been getting back to more regular biking over the weekend.  I am now officially in "getting ready for the century ride" mode.  I'd like to have myself back up to 50-mile ride status by May 1 at the latest.  To that end, I had a nice 20 mile ride on Saturday and 9 very wind-gusty miles on Sunday (that's the beauty of the new bike seat...I can do consecutive days of riding without feeling like I'm gonna end up at the gynecological hospital.)  Didn't bike to work yesterday because it was Monday (I have an after-work commitment on Monday that doesn't leave time for riding the bike home).  This morning, I am absolutely TWITCHING because I want to ride to work.  Before bed, the forecast showed rain this morning.  But rain isn't here.  The morning is beautiful.  It's the perfect weather for a ride.

Nonetheless, the forecast is showing rain and (if I read the goofy little pictures right) lightning all afternoon.  I'm not interested in discovering what it feels like to get hit by lightning on the Arsenal bridge, so though it's taking every bit of my willpower and I'm protesting all the way, I am being reasonable and driving to work.  Ugh.  

I had another morning of trying all my clothes on and discovering they all hate me (have had a number of such mornings recently...it's heck on the morning routine).  This is a dilemma that always comes with any change of size for me.  You EXPECT it when you're getting bigger.  But it is, at least to me, surprising to experience it while getting smaller.  I realized what the problem is:  as I move down to smaller pants to fit my butt and legs, the smaller waist keeps my belly from falling down into my pants (how's THAT for a gruesome morning image!  LOL)...and the "spare tire" effect becomes more pronounced.  So smaller pants make me feel like I look fatter (while bigger pants have all these weird icky baggy spots in awkward places that I just don't like at all).  So I tried and tossed many, many outfits this morning before finding something I could live with.  I guess we'd call that "shrinking pains"? 

Happy Tuesday, all.  Let's do this thing!

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