Wednesday, April 27, 2011

this is a slimy one...

So...a post every 23 days eh?  Way to make a blog succeed, Karen...

I just don't tend to have a lot to say on the naked dieting front just now as this "learning to love my body" thing is succeeding beyond my expectations but is so very UN-diet-ish.  And on that note, today's blog is also un-diet-ish.  But it's quite related to loving my body.

I've been sick for six days - not just "this is no fun" sick, but more like "this is interrupting my life" sick.  I've been to the doctor and learned it's a virus and can't be hurried along.  We can treat symptoms, but otherwise it's just a matter of taking good care of me and waiting it out.  

Today I noticed that my body is an amazing fighter.  It has been performing the equivalent of massive air raids on the virus today.  They have come in waves.  One moment, I'm kind of tired and blah but getting by.  The next moment, all hell breaks loose in the mucus factory and stuff is moving everywhere that it can move.  I'm scrambling to manage it.  Find a cough drop to suck on to stop the out-of-control cough that threatens to make me throw up right where I stand.  Find a kleenex...make that 3.  Wipe away the tears that gush to the point of "I can't see."  

It ain't pretty.  It ain't fun.  It ain't dignified.  But you know what?  It's amazing!  Really!  Carpet-bombing, live inside of Karen's nasal passages.  GET OUT, VIRUS, GET OUT!  

Color me impressed.  What a strange way to learn to love my body.

Go, body, go.

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